FLORIDA FIREARMS Law, Use and Ownership

FLORIDA FIREARMS Law, Use & Ownership 2014 Written by attorney and author Jon Gutmacher. Available at www.CreativeConcealment.biz
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FLORIDA FIREARMS Law, Use and Ownership 

 New UPDATED 8th Edition

Written by attorney and author Jon Gutmacher. This comprehensive book is a must for any Florida gun owner, and is of particular value to anyone holding or thinking of getting a concealed weapon permit.

Written in a straight- forward fashion, Gutmacher takes a complex set of laws and judicial rulings and breaks them down into understandable terms. Chapters cover the right to keep and bear arms defining and purchasing firearms, carry permits, transporting guns, laws affecting firearms dealers, various weapons violations (guns, knives, bulletproof vests, pepper spray, and more), and assault guns, ending with a chapter on the law relating to self defense.

As the laws change, updates are offered on the author's web site, making this book a continuing resource as time goes on.



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