Ultra Concealment Ankle Holster

Ultra concealment ankle holster. Available in right or left-handed draw.
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  • Item #: SP 101A


Super concealment and comfort with our Ultra Concealment CCW Ankle Holster.

Amazingly comfortable ankle holster offers maximum concealment with maximum comfort . Superb wraparound design holds gun snugly around your ankle, which provides superior mobility and prevents chafing. Streamline design-NO excess straps or excess bulk!

Made of soft, long-lasting surgical elastic and Velcro® for maximum concealment and padded for comfortable ALL-DAY wear. The closed-cell foam padding also protects your handgun from perspiration. Retention strap secures gun in holster.

The ultra concealment ankle holster can be worn on the inside on your weak side or the outside on your strong side.  Choose left or right handed style based on the hand you shoot with! 

Fits small/medium autos and 2" barrel small frame revolvers. Double layered holster pocket offers a secure fit for a small 22 or 25 in the smaller outer layer, and a larger pocket behind it to hold a standard revolver, 380 or ultra compact 9mm. 

Available in Black only.   Perfect for your primary weapon or back up gun.

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  • Removable Thumb Break Saftey Strap:
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